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We are a network of reliable certified and insured pilot escort vehicle operators (PEVO).  Call us for your oversize needs

Oversized Loads / Pilot Escort

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Pilot escort vehicle operator (PEVO) service in Washington / Idaho / Oregon / Montana  

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Insured Pilot car.  Certified

Certified and Insured

Certified and Insured

Certified and Insured

All our pilots carry commercial liability insurance of up to $1,000,000.  Many of our pilots are certified pilot escort vehicle operators or PEVO's in multiple states


Coverage Area

Certified and Insured

Certified and Insured

Our pilots have plenty of experience in the western United States with specialized knowledge of the Pacific Northwest   Whatever your destination, we will take your load anywhere you want to go.  

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Pilot Escort Dispatch


Pilot directory


Brad Chrysler

Brad Chrysler is a highly regarded pilot in the Pacific Northwest area. Brad services the Ports of Seattle-Tacoma and loads coming over from Canada. 

You can reach Brad @ 360-201-8360


Hoot Gibson

Hoot Gibson is a well regarded pilot residing in the Coeur d'Alene Idaho area.  High pole, chase car, or a route survey, Hoot has you covered.  Hoot is certified from Washington State to New York State.  Hoot is fully insured and yes Hoot is his real name!   



Dale Brown

Having more than 20 years and 1 million pilot car miles behind him, Dale Brown is considered to be one of the most experienced pilots in the Pacific North West. 

You can reach Dale Brown @ 360-746-988

Phil Snow

Phil is a Swiss army knife when it comes to pilots.  Need a radio programmed, or an air-line repaired on your trailer? You'll find that Phil brings a lot to the table when you have him on your team.  Along with all the traditional duties required by pilots, Phil is an accomplished mechanic and carries an auto shop in his rig!

Phil can be reached @ 253-861-1958


Pilot Directory continued


Sandy Nannen

A retired and licensed RN Sandy began piloting not long ago, and has quickly earned a reputation as being a highly competent pilot.  

Sandy can be reached @ 360-770-8932

Marylee Moberg

Detail oriented, competent, reliable and organized, all words that describe Marylee Moberg.    Marylee is a seasoned experienced pilot well regarded in the pilot industry.

Marylee can be reached @ 360-201-0665

Ric Lloyd

After 30 years behind the wheel of a big rig, Ric is now a certified pilot escort vehicle operator (PEVO).  Ric's experience gives him a more intimate knowledge of how to move big loads down the road.  

Ric Can be contacted @ 360-319-3270

Mace Thompson

Mace is one of the big names in the pilot car world around the North West.  He is experienced, knowledgeable and always a great guy to have on your team.  

Mace can be contacted @ 425-231-2106

Pilot Directory Continued


Darryl Clark

Located in Spokane, WA, Darryl is one of the most capable pilots in the Pacific Northwest, and can be reached at:  509-710-2076